book the space

The Green Room is available to rent seven days a week from 9 am to 10 pm.

We define the rental period as being from the time of arrival in the space until departure.

Because The Green Room is located in a residential building, we are unable to rent the space for events that use amplification or loud music.

Revised rental rates, effective December 1, 2018 (see current rates below)

(Current rates still apply for any rental booked and paid before (though not necessarily occurring before) November 30, 2018.

One-time rentals

$36/hour: event rate 

  • professional photo shoots

  • parties

  • classes (teacher plus more than two students)

  • workshops

  • performances

  • weddings or receptions

  • business meetings

  • readings/screenings

  • video or film shoots

  • pop-up shops and art exhibitions

  • any rental with more than ten people present

$22/hour: teaching rate 

  • private teaching (teacher plus one or two students)

  • audio recordings (please note this space is not a soundproof studio)

  • some community and nonprofit meetings (ask us if you think you qualify!)

  • auditions

  • rehearsals

  • individual practice

Rental packages 

$20/hour: package of 5-9.5 teaching-rate hours within a 30-day period (a 9% discount)

$18/hour: package of 10-14.5 teaching-rate hours within a 30-day period (an 18% discount)

$16/hour: package of 15 or more teaching-rate hours within a 30-day period (a 27% discount)

$32/hour: package of 10 or more event-rate hours within a 30-day period (an 11% discount)Rental rates

How to book the space

Our space is rented on a "first come, first served" basis, so if there is a time that you are considering using, we recommend getting a rental request to us and confirming your reservation by paying promptly. Please note that reservations are not confirmed until payment has been received (Exceptions are normally made only for long-term leases.)

Once you have determined that the rental time you are seeking is available (by looking at the calendar below), fill out our (non-binding, informational) rental info request form. If we don't need any more info from you, we'll send you an invoice, from which you can easily pay by credit card or bank transfer. We also accept payment via check (made out to The Green Room Somerville) and PayPal (payment sent to thegreenroomsomerville @ gmail). 

After payment is confirmed, you will receive information on accessing the space and other details particular to your rental. 


For more info

Guidelines and information about the space can be viewed here (or skim a quick version here). We recommend that you check it out if you're thinking of requesting a reservation.

If you have other questions about The Green Room, or if you'd like to be added to our mailing list, please contact us at

Live availability calendar

When you find the time and date that you'd like to rent, send us an email!

Using the calendar

On the calendar above, you can check to see whether the space is free or busy at any given time. If you'd like a slightly smoother interface, and if you already use google calendar, you can add this calendar to your g-cal pretty easily. Just click the downward pointing arrow next to other calendars. When you select add a friend's calendar, you'll be prompted to enter a contact email address. When you enter and click Add, you should be able to find The Green Room in your list of calendars on the bottom left. You can toggle the calendar on and off, so that you can look at it when you're hoping to make a booking and leave it invisible the rest of the time.

Fine print: 

Cancellations: Clients may cancel a booking no later than one week prior to the date and time of said booking and receive a full refund within 30 business days. Clients will receive a 50% refund on bookings cancelled by the client no later than 48 hours prior to said booking.

Any event that is cancelled due to severe weather may be rescheduled at no additional charge. 

Exceptional circumstances resulting in a cancellation may be taken into account at the discretion of The Studio. The Studio reserves the right to cancel bookings for a full refund and will make every effort to give reasonable notice.

Minimum rentals: The Green Room is rented in 30 minute increments. Rentals start on the hour and on the half-hour only (e.g. 3:00 or 3:30, NOT 3:15). Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Studio. 

Any gaps of 30 minutes or less within a client's rental period will count towards the total rental time. (For example, a reservation of 3:00-4:00 pm and 4:30-5:30 pm on the same day will be billed as a 3:00-5:30 pm rental.)