If you're looking for the abbreviated version of our house rules, look here.

Please know that the hours for which you reserve the room should include all set-up and clean-up time, and please also be considerate to other renters who may be in the space immediately before or after your rental by not entering early (unless you've checked with us first) and by leaving the space at or before the agreed-upon time. If you arrive early or leave late, we may assess an additional fee.

You will be given a code to enter the space when you confirm your rental. Enter that code on the panel on the front door, then turn the knob on that same panel clockwise to unlock the deadbolt. You may enter the space at the time you have rented it. 

Please do not smoke in or around the building.

Rental of The Green Room does not include use of the Gerrior Square courtyard. 

Please leave the room as (or better than) you found it. The Green Room is able to offer lower rates than many other spaces in the area because we count on our community to be considerate to one another by returning the room to a neat and presentable state at the end of all rentals.

Rentals are not guaranteed until paid in full, unless other arrangements have been made.

Renters may not transfer their rentals to a third party.


It is important that no food or drinks be placed in or on the piano, ever. If you remove the piano cover to play, please replace it when you finish. Please temporarily store the piano cover neatly rather than throwing it on the floor.

The Green Room keeps our Baldwin M-series baby grand piano well-maintained by having it tuned on a regular basis. If you require a special day-of-concert tuning, The Green Room will split the $125 cost of the tuning with you.

Arranging the space for your event

We have 20 folding chairs and a few stools for your use that you may set up and move as you like. When you are finished with them, the chairs should be hung upside down on the racks in the back storage area. The stools may be left along the walls in the main space.

Please take care not to scratch the floor by dragging heavy furniture, guitar amps, etc., across it. If you need to move something heavy, please pick it up with a partner or use a moving dolly.

Feel free to (carefully and slowly!) move the piano as you would like for your event, but please return the room to the arrangement in which you found it. Likewise, please feel free to change the position of the rugs and other small items, making a note of their original location. Please do not move the harpsichord (under the brown blanket) or the antique Victrola (near the front of the room) unless you have first made arrangements with us.If you use painting or art supplies, please clean up any drips and spills before they dry on the floor or furniture. 


The air conditioner is the unit above the mirror. It is controlled by the remote control mounted to the wall below it. You may adjust the temperature to your comfort level. Point the remote at the unit to adjust the temperature and fan speed. When your rental is finished please return the setting to 76 degrees. In cold weather this device should be left off.

The thermostat that controls the heating is located near the front of the space, on the wall opposite the entryway. To adjust the heat, use only the arrows on the thermostat. Please do not press the hold button! In hot weather this thermostat should be left off.

If your event produces a large amount of trash or recycling, please dispose of it in the building’s courtyard dumpsters outside the back exit (black lid for trash, yellow lid for recycling).

The projector is turned on by pressing the power button on the machine itself. You might have to use the ladder! There is a laptop hookup cable (VGA) in the back right corner of the room. Please check to see whether you have a VGA port on your computer; if you don’t, you will need an adapter.

To lock the front door at the end of your rental period, press the “Schlage” button on the front-door panel and turn the deadbolt counter-clockwise. You may have to pull on the door handle to get the deadbolt to line up with the door frame.


Clients may cancel a booking no later than one week prior to the date and time of said booking and receive a full refund within 30 business days. Clients will receive a 50% refund on bookings cancelled by the client no later than 48 hours prior to said booking.

Any event that is cancelled due to severe weather may be rescheduled at no additional charge. 

Exceptional circumstances resulting in a cancellation may be taken into account at the discretion of The Studio. The Studio reserves the right to cancel bookings for a full refund and will make every effort to give reasonable notice.

Other rules and regs

No party glitter, ever. Really. You know why.

The Green Room does not have any dedicated parking facilities. Street parking is available to both Somerville residents and non-residents, in addition to some metered spots on adjacent Somerville Avenue. If you have questions about parking, or know that you will have parking needs beyond the scope of what is offered by the city of Somerville, please contact us. 

The city of Somerville requires a permit, and will ticket, for any use of the sidewalk by a-frame signs (sandwich boards) or outdoor seating.  

We do our very best to avoid booking errors, but if a double booking accidentally occurs, we will offer a full refund for the day's rental to the affected parties. No further damages may be sought.

Any property damage during a rental, beyond regular wear and tear, will result in a surcharge to the renter of not more than repair cost (parts and labor) plus any lost revenue due to room damage.

Please feel free to call us with questions or non-emergency problems at 617-684-5735. Texting is fine. If we can't get to the phone we will respond as soon as possible. In an emergency, please dial 911.