House Rules*

Leave the room neat, clean, and organized the way you found it.

Hang up the chairs.

No smoking in or around the building. Please don't smoke where it will waft into the windows of our neighbors upstairs or next door!

If you changed the heat or air conditioner settings, change them back (more info on the signs by each unit.)

Replace the piano cover (which you folded and stored neatly instead of throwing it on the floor, right?)

No food or drinks on the piano. 

Don't scratch the floor. Ask for help moving heavy items.

No party glitter, ever. We mean it.

Don't move the harpsichord or Victrola without talking to us first.

Lock up when you leave!

You can reach us at 617-684-5735. Texting is fine. If it's an emergency, call 911.

*This is the abbreviated version. By booking a rental at The Green Room, you are agreeing to all of our terms and conditions listed here. (There's more information on the other page, too. Check it out!)